1) Are RED cars more expensive to insure?

2) Are sedans cheaper to insure than coupes?

3) If you fail to notify your carrier of your teenager getting their drivers license and they have
    an accident-are you covered?

4) If you borrow your friend's car and have an accident-will your insurance pay or your friend's?

5) If your friend allows you to drive their car anytime, all the time and you have an accident-will
    insurance still pay?

6) Are eyeglasses covered in an auto accident?

7) You get a DWI while driving someone else's car-will their auto insurance increase?

Answers: 1) no  2) generally, yes  3) probably, but don't chance it  4) insurance generally follows the car, and the driver second  5) probably not due to the regular use rule  6) no  7) no