1) Does your mortgage company care who insures your home?

2) You discover rotten wood and mold in an area under your home where it appears a leak has
     been occuring. Is there coverage?

3) You can't live in your home while it's being fumigated for termites-is there coverage for termites
     and/or a hotel room?

4) After a covered claim, you're unable to live in your home while repairs are taking place and your
    pet must be boarded since the hotel doesn't allow pets-is there pet boarding coverage?

   **side note** this reminds me of the time a lady's poodle was injured by hail. She was upset with
                          me that her homeowner's insurance would not pay for her poodle's vet bill. I love
                          dogs, so i wished that could have been covered.  Fluffy fully recovered.

5) You learn your home has foundation issues due to settling. Is there coverage?

6) A squirrel gets in your home and damages your furniture desperately trying to get out-covered?

7) Your dog damages your furniture-is there coverage?

8) You kill an intruder who breaks in your home and the intruder's family sues you for wrongful
    death-is there coverage?

Answers:  1) No, although a trend is a requirment that your insurance carrier be at least A rated
2) No, repeated and continuous water damage is excluded  3)No termite coverage, no additional living expense  4) Usually yes  5) No 6) No 7)No, but if your neighbors dog did it, there may be coverage under the neighbor's homeowners  8) Yes, we will represent you with our own counsel